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Welcome to SAHAY!

You will find here information particularly useful to LGBTIQA+ communities. This is a platform for populations impacted by HIV such as MSM, TG, PLHIV, and other populations marginalized on account of gender and/or sexual identity and/or expression, and other at-risk populations. Visitor to this site will be provided with health, gender and sexuality and rights related services available for them around their locality. This page will serve as a platform to exchange views and ideas and gain relevant knowledge with regards to gender, health and sexuality related queries of the community members.

On this website, you will find information on the following topics related to LGBTIQA++ communities:

  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Health
  • Human Rights and Legal issues
  • Livelihood options
  • Social & Lifestyle

The information has been presented in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ tab above) format, as well as in a narrative style format under INFORMATION tab above.

With this website we want to facilitate the service access of those populations who use the internet to source information and services related to various health and rights related issues. This will be done by a two-pronged approach – sensitizing the on ground service providers on one hand, and on the other hand increasing the knowledge and awareness, among the LGBTIQA+ community, regarding the availability of those services.

We make it easy for you to access various health and socio-legal service providers through a searchable database. The searchable database offers you to search for SERVICE PROVIDERS near you or in a particular location. Check out our partner Service Providers – you might get an advantage to take a Service Access Coupon from our site! In case you are in an area where our partner providers are not available, the website offers you information on other services providers and links to websites of other service providers. Visit our EXTERNAL SERVICE PROVIDERS page.

We also offer you some infotainment options like games and contests (such as a quiz) towards increasing awareness and knowledge on health and rights related issues. You can play the games and contests multiple times. And, if you register with us you can also win attractive gifts and prizes which you can collect from our listed local on-the-ground partners (select the On Ground Partner) you can easily visit to redeem your Gift Coupon. Visit the GAMES & CONTESTS tab above.

Our ANNOUNCEMENTS page tells you about upcoming LGBTIQA+ focussed events and other events. Visit our ANNOUNCEMENTS tab above. We will also share User-specific announcements over email/chat/SMS, and on social media.

Look up our HELPLINE section for information and counselling services over email, chat, and SMS. We may have already answered your queries. Check out our answers to questions that you may have in our ADVICE COLUMN. Visit our HELPLINE tab above.

This website is for you! Leave your comments and feedback on the website in the Comments section below and help us provide you and your friends with more information.

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