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About Us

SAHAY is a Technology Based Intervention (TBI) to reach hard-to-reach high-risk and at-risk groups (HRG / ARG) with health and rights related services.

The HRG and ARG populations include the entire range of LGBTIQA+ communities, men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender (TG) people [including both male-to-female transgender or transwomen (TW), and female-to-male transgender or transmen (TM)], female sex workers, young adults, industrial and migrant workers, sexual partners of high risk groups, people living with HIV, other populations marginalized on account of gender and/or sexual identity and/or expression, and other at-risk populations.

Sahay web site focuses on those populations who use various online platforms for finding / soliciting sexual partners, and they will be linked to offline HIV prevention-treatment services. Our interventions aim towards reaching the national fast track targets of 90-90-90 by 2020 (ensuring 90% of people living with HIV know their status; of whom 90% are on treatment; of whom 90% are virally suppressed). It will also leverage the current test-and-treat paradigms to maximize immediate/early treatment initiation for individuals testing HIV positive, and to reduce disease progression and further viral transmission.

We will act as a link for the LGBTIQA+ communities between their online activities and offline interventions provided by various service providers. The access to knowledge and information related to health and sexual needs of LGBTIQA+ community will be complimented with offline interventions such as HIV screening and counselling services, ART medications and other treatment support.

This TBI will be using simple, user-friendly, multi-channel, and multi-lingual platforms (currently only in English). It includes this website which is accessible over computers and any handheld device (smart phones, tablets), and will soon launch a mobile app for smart phone users, and an SMS based application for feature phone users.

We are hopeful that this TBI will be able to demonstrate the impact of the intervention to government agencies and encourage them to adopt such interventions to widen the reach and increase the impact.

Last Modified: 26 June 2018

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