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This is a nice website. I like the layout and the colors. The information is very good, although the navigation can be improved a bit. Please do add the “HIV Risk Calculator” soon, as that is a very useful tool. I look forward to using the same.

Devendra VenkataswamyBangalore

Oh, this website is so colorful, but it has so few pictures. I like the information content, but they are a bit too long in some sections. Please add a few more pictures and graphics which are related to the narrative content.

Madhuparna SarkarKolkata

The information in the livelihood section is very generic. Apart from that, the information in the other sections is quite good. Also, my girlfriend wants to use a female condom. I searched in many medical shops but they do not stock the same. Please give information regarding where one can buy female condoms.

T. SwaminathanChennai

The Advice section was quite helpful. But there is very little information in the announcement section. One big issue is in many of the parties, transgender persons like me are not allowed entry. If you can give the information of all those parties where transwomen can attend freely, then it will be very helpful for me.

TanuNew Delhi

Love the look and feel of the FAQ section, but some answers are too long. I want to visit an LGBT friendly counsellor / psychiatrist, but when I searched for mental health service providers in and around my city, I could not get any information in the service provider section. Please do send me this information to my email id. Also, I like the line drawings. Although they are bit too abstract I like the color combination.

Mritunjay RaisinghaniBilaspur
Last Modified: 4 May 2018